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Group Ordering Made Simple

Gathering information from your group or organization can be a headache. You have to collect sizes, hunt down people for money, go back and account for sales tax etc. Not anymore! We created an easy, risk-free way for you to profit from selling t-shirts online, giving your customers & community a way to support you and/or your business 


We host a link with your products for sale.


Share your link with your group or organization.

We collect shipping or pick-up information.


We can ship directly to individuals in your group, or send you the package for easy distribution.

We mail you a check.


All the profits and proceeds from the store will be calculated and distributed once the store closes.


Thanks for submitting!

To continue offering great quality and prices, we kindly ask that we adhere to these guidelines for online stores. 

  1. A minimum of 24 pieces per design. Maximum of 3 styles per design. 

  2. $1.00 added per item to cover the cost of online store fees, and website building*

  3. Optional $1.00 for Bag & Tag*

  4. NO manual add ons can be made after the store closes. 

  5. Fundraising prices must be predetermined with office prior to sale.

  6. If store does not hit minimum, a $20 per item fee is charged and it is refunded immediately. 

  7. Re-order store can only be opened if a minimum of 12 pieces per design will be sold. 

  8. Stores should be open for a minimum of 1 week, no longer than 3 weeks. Items will be delivered within 7-14 days of online store closing. 

  9. Changes to orders can only be made prior to the online store closing. We will cancel the initial order, and ask you to re-submit it. Unfortunately, we cannot go in and make manual changes to orders after they have been placed. 

  10. Personalization can be offered on each product upon checkout. Please ask our office to add a personalization component upon checkout. Names and Numbers are offered on most products!

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